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Shiba Inus are alert attentive and active. Shiba Inus shed a lot and they have a double coat. They are really good escape artists, they can climb chain link fences and dig under them too. They also have a high prey drive (they will take off at squirrels and rabbits).

Shiba Inus need more than just the normal dog vet care. Here are some health problems they can have. It is common for Shibas to have VSD. According to vetstreet.com ventricular septum defect happens when a dog is born with a hole in their heart. This birth defect causes one side of the heart to work harder than the other side. These dogs will not be able to exercise a lot because they are short of breath. They could even collapse and die.

Allergies are common to food such as chicken or to the envierment such as pollon. They can get luxating patellas the kneecaps more unlike they should. Another health concern is glaucoma which is increased eye pressure. Like other breeds, Shibas can ” see through their nose” more than their eyes meaning they use their sense of smell a lot to understand their world. They can get heart worm disease, so giving medication to prevent it is important.

Diego from SIRA Midwest is all smiles.

Here are some useful resources to learn more about Shiba Inus.

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